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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

matching makes me happy.

Matching jumpsuits.

Matching floral scarves.
Matching passports.
Matching with a stranger.
matching sunglasses and side parts.
Matching spectacles and hoods.
Matching pink Betsey dresses.
Matching plaids.
Matching sweater stripes.
Matching hats and tee-shirts.
Matching rings.
Matching sunnies.
Matching dresses.
Matching zebra print.
Matching band tees.
Matching hair pieces.
Matching socks.

Matching hearts.
Matching jackets and matching last names
(applies to photos above and below).

Matching leopard print.

Matching dresses.
Matching lighters.

Matching hats.
Matching shorts.
Matching crowns.


dale chihuly said...

best post ever!
how old is that picture of you and jaci!? i swear it's from the lot, ie: the happiest days of my life.
geeeeeez. i'm so hungover, and cranky, and tired, and hungry at the gallery and this post totally switched over my morning grumps.
i love it.

Jasey Jase @ Someplace said...

This is making me away-from-home sick.

Benny and the Jets said...

Love this post, It's a bit ironic that such one-of-a-kind girls can match so much, strange no? Regardless it's amazing.

Benny and the Jets said...

After some thought and multiple check outs of my latest favorite post, I have a ps. The shot of Dani and Pmilk in the plaid is so hot it almost gave my new compute a 'melt-down' (get it ....they are hot ... hot = melting). Like Vice Do's or Nylon or something hot and kinda hipster (hate that word, but fitting). Just putting it out there..

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