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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dr. J says "Google it"

I searched "lara vincent elkaim" on the WWW and this page came up.
Toronto StreetFashion-Click here for link
The photos I stumbled upon were way to funny not to post.

Upon further inspection of the site I noticed the they were doing a designer profile on the one and only Kat Marks.

Here is a little blurb about this friendly feline, KAT:

Kat is good at math. Kat is a twin. Kat shaved half her head once. Kat is cool. It's Kat's birthday. Kat likes plastic bodies. Kat can be seen at Nuit Blanche.

We heart you KAT.




Hedley Sims-Paine IV said...

I clicked the "street fashion" link.

a) It was not on the street.
b) I'm scared of everyone in all of those pictures.
c) I didn't see Biz 1 or Biz 2.
d) Why do fashion folk like to be scary?
e) Less street fashion more street passion!

BBQ said...

Sorry girls, I've hired a new fashion correspondent over at and he/she (I can't tell!!!) left some ignant comments on your blog. I could find the pictures of Bizzes, they were very cute, and online, so very very real in the fashion field. I've explained to Hedley that fashion folk are not trying to be scary, but they all drink too much and don't pose well for pictures.

Fashion folk who drink less and pose better are called MODELS.

Mr/Mrs Sims-Paine IV has assured me that this mistake will not be made again.

Tip of the hat,

Jasey Jase from His Place

Anonymous said...

Lara and Sarah certainly deserve to go down in the annals of Fashion Archives as two of the hippest women in town so thank you whatever your name is for doing the right thing...
all hail lar and sar

Anonymous said...

two words
va va voom! lar and sar
(i was never good at math)

Anonymous said...

why are wanna be fashion crits so ignorant and mean?
get over yourself and figure out what life is all about...your comments are so stale...

Anonymous said...

i don't get it?

BBQ said...

Anonymous wrote: "I don't get it"

I'm with anonymous! Apparently Hedley has ruffled people up, and since I took responsibility, let me clear the proverbial dais.

I have changed Hedley's title from "fashion correspondent" to "Appearance Critic." I realize that the word "fashion" when handled by outsiders does spur ire. Fair. Thanks to anonymous for not calling for a resignation.

I wouldn't like it if The Bizzes appointed a "Rap Expert." Unless it was The Wiz. Dude has a pass, and YOU KNOW he's at Bizbiz HQ.

In the interest of this debate not winding up softer than a toilet paper mascot, I do say: Nobody is being mean and ignorant.

When I walked into Hedley's office this morning, this was playing:

No beat, just the Appearance Critic bangin on the table.

Biz 1 and Biz 2 transcend hip. Hips break and hips get old, hips can be replaced by metal. Ya dig?

We do need more passion in the streets. That's just true. Albeit, perhaps, stale.

Sometimes the truth is stale and fresh crap smells funky.

Ted Dancin' said...

I'm anonymous

jeanne beker said...

nice forum.

i agree with anonymous. less mean.

read the h and m forum.

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