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Friday, April 25, 2008


fuck dance let's art.


iwantbangs. said...


Young Bourgoizeezy said...

I still disagree with "Fuck Dance, Let's Art" as an ethos/axiom (yes still).

It's like saying "Fuck Bread, Let's Bake" or "Fuck Spring, Let's Bloom" or "Fuck Gifts, Let's Wrap."

That Danielle is so 2012.

Commie Dante said...

YB, i disagree with your disagreement and declare the ethos/axiom to be sound.

yes, it's exactly like saying 'fuck bread, let's bake' ; as in cakes and fucking pies motherfucker, cakes and fucking pies. cut off the crust. save your bread for a mundane breakfast. this monday it's egzz benedict and heuvos rancheros, the implication being "step it up & don't two-step, sucka". start painting with your eyeballs.

spring/bloom gifts/wrap analogies either miss the point or twist the meaning.

all sauce, no ribs. get back to the butane and try another 'cue.


Young Bourgoizeezy said...


That was a striking half step in the direction of righteousness. Those two left feet sound loudly on your hardwood floor. Oh, sorry, were you just shuffling around blank canvases and dropping poorly aligned frames.

Don't try and paint me for just a sheen, or frame me for an eater of bad morning repasts. My cooking, like my commentary often peak in the wee hours. If you must, it's Mr. Sheen, but you can call me Marty.

Still, your attack is much in line with the all marquee no show meaning of the axiom in question. But, one marquee don't stop no show. In short: just because you give up/throw up (hands or huevos) doesn't make it a show stopper.

Sit out all the dances you want. Even stale white Irish needs a friend.

You were half correct.

Fuck truth, let's reel.



PS: In the interest of unity I offer an alternative (Copyright Young Bourgoizeezy 09)*

Fuck, dance, lettuce, art.

The Real Jason Parker Quinton said...

There is so much love in this club sandwich.

Benny and the Jets said...

After reading this I want saucy ribs, raspberries, carbs and at least a quarter of JPQ's tasty love club sandwich ... my cupboards are so bare .... tear.

ps. Dani, you are my Favorite gallerina.

babe. said...

you are a babe. babe.

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