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Monday, September 15, 2008

dress me up

Was in my pjs, and into my supper for one when Benny and his borrowed pieces burst into the place. I couldn't resist a quick round of dress up. Ladies, I have one piece of advice, move in with a stylist.

Jewelry - Lanvin

Top- Proenza Schouler, Jacket - Chloe

Opera Jacket - Moschino,
Necklace - Marni, Shoes-Chanel(model's own)

stylist - benjamin raine


teen witch said...

omigod this is so cute!

i knew with all those random pieces, ben was going to put together the best little shoot in the world. can't wait to see it in the globe.

wowza, what a modellllle.

psssst. sarah steal the lanvin jewellry.

Anonymous said...

eeeeeaaaassyyyyy with the model shots Sarah, the first one is top model worthy.

old fart one said...

You're too young for those fancy old lady outfits. You can tell by the picture where you're "frolicking."

Spiders are scary.

cute police said...

Yeah, you're a good mod-l, cute enough that there is a warrant out for your arrest. Apparently if you want to be a model, you can get a job at Americas Apparel and have intercourse with owner. I read an article by Nancy Macdonald that said that. I don't know if that's an easier route than going to model's up to you...I'd say try model school first.

lanvinlove said...

jewels are so amazing

good call Benjamin !

Anonymous said...

By eeaasssyyyy I mean easy on an old man's heart, I think this shoot looks like so much fun and you look like a million bucks.

Anonymous said...

sometimes the olsens dress like old ladies.

old fart one said...

The Dr. said I'm not allowed to have that much fun, it's not covered by my insurance. (sad face) :(

gigi said...

I love you! Amazing jewellry! Can't wait to see the up coming fashion spread benny!

Brittany said...

you are adorable! :)

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