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Friday, September 5, 2008


Its like Gimli and the Islandic Festival . . .It was all quiet on the western front as our mild summer was wrapping and then all of sudden... the streets filled with people and the sun changed its mind.

I had almost forgot about frost week, matching teeshirts, and public chanting. I had been focusing more on theater popcorn, movie dates, and free cocktails at film fest parties. Last night it all came together.

In the Indian summer heat we headed back to school ( u of t ) to attend the CK one (smell it and immediately feel 4 years younger) party. Crystal Castles played, we ate gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, drank vodkas & vitamin waters, giggled over high school-esque boytalk, and took a few photos.


backtoschoolbenny said...

Smashing night, though I am not sure how ready I was for such a nostalgic flashback while that intoxicated. As soon as CKone hit my nose I think I thought I was at a grade 7 dance for about a minute and a half, very intense.

sarah nicole said...

it's hard to choose, but i think my favourite part of this post is the part when i clicked on the first picture, the one of me and russ and david, to make it bigger, and the caption pops up as "maybeblog?.jpg"

hahahah. seriously the best.

MegZie said...

CK one. Hilarious. I'm going to splash it all over town tonight and see if i can't find a young boy in Huebec park to have my way with.

dont be a fool said...

stay in school

collage in the dessert said...

cut class and eat paste

mirage in the desert said...

Who ARE those girls? Some of them look like when aliens finally perfect sex spies to live amongst us and extract information and secrets from the highest levels.

Even when you see them, clearly communicating with their home planet, you pretend not to notice. You just get out of bed, ice the cake and get back in the sack.

sarah (1/2 biz) said...

haha - that is quite funny

did you notice your other photo appearance was titled 'blogblog'-twice so I wouldn't forget

youare said...

to school for cool

teen witch said...

the maybeblog?.jpg had me laughing for days.


why won't guys start bathing in cool water again!!?
i think i lost my virginity to cool water....that's what that does to girls.

teen witch said...

i'm still drunk.

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