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Friday, September 5, 2008

good looking and looking good.

Yesterdays Toronto Star featured photos and cute blurbs on the cities best dressed. Proud to say that among the fashionable listed were a few friends of the biz.

Under 'The Renegades' category is Dan Levy looking absolutely adorable in a bow tie and floral footwear. Under 'The Kool Kids' are some of our favorite party people, Sienna Piao, Tommy Ton & Fritz Helder, and Sarah Kosloff.

work it.



long sleeve t shirts and cords and sweaters said...

No Aaron!


Whatever "star"

No air.



aaron verbatim said...

"The girls dress up, so I don't have to"
-Aaron Vincent Elkaim

a celebrated individual said...

fanfare said...

yes! I think they all have really original and interesting looks!

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