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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stealing Beauty

absolutely amazing and I don't even like mushrooms.


kristen said...

MAY MAY! what a beaut.

lara said...

bizzy bod, i luv that you put this picture up.
when i came across it i was wanting to do the same.

but i of course love the mushroom,
alice in her wonderland.

teen witch said...

who are you kidding? you love mushrooms!

BBQ said...


This came on the Hi Fi AS I CLICKED TO COMMENT


tha cbc said...

damn them bbc's got fresh new medias, eh

maymaywielderofmushroom said...

i'm not the hugest fan of 'em either, but i guess this one was ok.
richard's still got that mushroom, i think

Dick said...

nice try meghan

after i snapped that photo i distinctly remember us playing with the furry white stuff and then throwing it away

i am tempted to say thanks for liking my picture, but we all know meghan and victoria beach are those who deserve credit here

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