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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

everybody feel better.

always say please and thankyou

don't put your hat where you can't reach it.

look with fresh eyes

it's better that people point and stare, than to be ignored

mirror, mirror.

it's in the air

i don't feel like missing you anymore

kick it. till it breaks.

this is a family blog - decide to remove (althought i love) the photo of danny (after a few drinks) posing for the camera. Those of you who saw it - consider yourselves lucky

the world is warm enough

oh brother.

free stuff feels so good


benny'scoldupperlip said...

I feel better already ... and like I want to grow a moustache .. and maybe eat a banana?

teen witch said...

how could you post that one? i mean come on?

or wait. it's cus i look so friggin' hot right?

Russless said...

it's better that people point and stare, than to be ignored

... words I live by.

re:vamp said...

I like this style of blogging.

teen witch said...

psssst. it wasn't me who asked for the removal. i thought it was funny too. but this is a family blog (hi mammas)

but jason, i did twitch my nose twice and it magically disappeared.


Dropdeaddrunk said...

Thats alot of CKone. We need to get that shit to Hubec park. I've scoped it out and they are young and ready for the taking

teen witch said...

i love when jody is like...

"oooooh loook at yooooouuuuu!"

it sounds like the shopping channel. you just sold your 1000th moustache, good work girlie.

Anonymous said...

i agree teen witch - love that vid

Benny said...

My personal fav, "I'm so full guys ... I Think I need a lie down". Made by the one and only.

teen witch said...

she just can't handle the nacho hype

Front Page Challenger said...

I was the posterboy of that nacho hype, i realize that it might be difficult to handle. Did you know it can take three hours to reel in a shark? Also, award winning gingerbread houses take a WHOLE WEEK. Nacho Hype is not immediately handleable either.

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