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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

shoes off for Rosh Hashanah

you say potato, I say potato ; you say 2008, I say 5769

A few friends gathered to celebrate the first night of the high holidays with sushi and sake bombs.

An Israeli economics student who doesn't believe in Global warming made for interesting table talk. Carli, you were missed.



Obamanation said...

Wow. That video was awesome. Happy belated New Year and wishes of fruitful fasting and prayer.

Yason said...

I wish I could be there too. I could blend in, nobody would know. I'm sure Jord could help me with some Hebrew, I'm a quick study.

teen witch said...

i'm so jealous you hung out with jord.

i need more of him in my life!

Lightning Raine said...

Holy Moly, I thought I was okay with my name UNTIL I hear that people's Hebrew name is Lightning??! I'm sorry but what the hell does Benjamin mean? I'm willing to bet that it is not even close to being that cool.

Sidenote: I want to make out with Sarah Silverman

liza101 said...

hilarious... siliverman is so funny. miss you biz

carli said...

that looks like it was fun.

did you dip your sashimi in honey?

will I be invited again next year, or did I make like a rosh hashana shofar and 'blow it' for all of the yontif's to come?

Dick said...

i want to go for holiday sushi

can we go when you're back in town for christmas please

charlie said...

damn you jews... i'm such a secular outcast...really, just kidding...

Happy holidays to you kids. Hope you had a super duper time. AND... I very much look forward to fantastic celebrations to come... just a few more days... xoxo
p.s. it's jody not charlie but yet again i am too lazy to sign out of his account.
heart, your fave mustache girl <3

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