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Sunday, November 23, 2008


As a child, for fun, and before I had any real understanding of the value of a dollar, I would clean out my mother’s weighty bag and keep the change as a reward.

On my last visit home we replayed this tradition but traded pennies and lint for pumps, and tales of styles past. Among rummaging and reminiscing, I spotted these boots that went on for days. ‘Those were my favourite’ she announced excitedly, referring to the higher than thigh italian boot, instantly making them infinitely better.

My most precious belongings are infused with her goodness. I would wear her if I could. . . as in an eternal hug not a coat made of skin


Anonymous said... new favorite makes me miss you even more than i do every minute.
love sharing (life) with you baby girl

benvolio said...

Such a beauty, inside and out.
This photo really shows her inner cool, she's not having any part of mother nature raining on her style parade, no sir.

Fortunate to have her in my life.

Dick said...


teen witch said...

barb! those boots are amazing!

and you look like annie hall. sigh.


Anonymous said...

holy. you're mamas comment made me have tears in my eyes. s-s-seriously!

gigi said...

holy! this makes me miss my mom so much! tear. Barb you're the cutest most amazing mom ever, the pink jewelry box cake you got me for my 21st birthday is by far the best cake i've ever had and will forever be a happy memory! can't wait for mother/daughter! xoxo

Anonymous said...

you guys are all so sweet I want to adopt you ALL!
Can't wait for mother-daughter night!

eddie haskell said...

She's like a prettier Annie Hall

barb west coast fan club said...

Watch yourself, Eddie.

teen witch said...

i forgot about that jewelry box cake.

yay annual mother/daughter night is soooo sooooon.

jacquieshambles said...

Beautiful. All of my favorite pieces and accessories are from my mom too!

lara said...

i luv you, a bushel and a peck, a bushel e and a peck and a hug around the neck.

Anonymous said...

if there is one thing that makes my heart sing in a challenging moment it is that...sarah has such amazing friends..lar..since forever...danny,jenna,shanny..almost forever....tim, a doll, quinny, miss u, the betsey girls..we'll adopt you..and all the other amazing friends too special to forget but i've had too much make life great and for making sarah so happy, i am truly grateful...let's all go to europe together on a food, wine and shopping trip on us...or if that's impractical pls know that you are all loved and appreciated and part of the circle of fun, and love and trust and quirky fabulous fashion and good good karma.Ben, hugs and kisses and thanks for looking out for sarah. Dan,what can one say..priceless
love you all.
sarah's mom

Anonymous said...

all you guys make me want to cry and call my mom

Anonymous said...

my fav blog

Anonymous said...

kumbia ...kumbia...i feel the love.. and that's a good thing

Anonymous said...

how do i join this club?

Anonymous said...

and jacinta, too!

Anonymous said...

of course Jacinta...I have a favorite place in my heart for Jacinta! She works all the time and don't get to see her much but we will remedy that on the 17th.
Jacinta was definately responsible for a good part of the inspiration for all things fashion...the path leading to anna (sui)

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