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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

two biz in a pod

i just love you soo much


Fleurr De Lux said...

cute cute cute!!

<3 mt

teen witch said...

my old cardigan!!!! my first ebay purchase a million years ago. i love the pic squished in the middle- reminds me of my summer at u of t. but. it also reminds me of that good ol' sweater!

sar said...

very cute biz.
put a big smile across my face before i leave to write my exam :)
the second photo just reminds me of how much we really LOVED those gold box sequin headbands.
Danny, did you loose that MJ number?

Anonymous said...

the biz united flashback...lovin it

outer jase said...

I know because I been there, that it's the reflection of a compact disc in the window. But, I'm pretending it's Earth.

The BizX2 is pro-pretending, as I recall.

gigi said...

vintage biz.

teen witch said...

i did lose that cardigan. yeah those gold headbands were cute though then. and now.

gigi. good comment. keep 'em coming.
you are just so like leener.

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