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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I got wonderful word from a little bird on a
thursday night, that come january "the biz"
will be relocating to new york for a few months.

so the reason why this gets to happen is because
i got an internship with this cute girl samantha pleet
this is her....

isn't she cute as a caterpillar. aaaaaa i'm so happy

the reason why ms. marantz will be joining me is she got an internship working with
drum roll please.....

the sugar plum fairies came to hit the street
looking for some soul and a place to meet
went to the ...


Anonymous said...

so thrilled that the biz with be reunited under one roof in the big apple...could't get any better..good for you two talented soulful chicks

MegZie said...


Jody said...

oh my goodness - now I will have to miss you both!! toronto just got a little lonlier.
But, more importantly, congratulations to the both of you! Lots and lots!

88% Man 12% Rare said...

Anna Sui? She's the table tennis bronze medalist from the Athens Olympics, right?

liza101 said...

that is amazing news for you both. congrats, you'll be missed

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vincent merany

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