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Saturday, November 1, 2008

tick tock and treat

Every day is for dress-up. Never before did the concept of annual mass-costuming on a pre-determined date seem liberating to me. Since I’ve been old enough to be on the other side of the door, handing out the candy and not counting it, Halloween activities have repeatedly been over-hyped, more stressful then spooky, and less exciting then gaining an extra hour falling back.

This year was a pleasant change. Unexpectedly mild temperatures gave the evening a laid-back essence; everything is better sans parka. Harboring low expectations and draped in a bed sheet I set out ready to come home early. Little did I know that Halloween would charm me so . . .

can you guess who's who and what's what?


am i right, or am i right? said...

hot chick with pie = charlie chaplan


Anonymous said...

who's the bag of weed?

Captain Fantasy said...



That bag of weed is so wicked. Not to mention Cobain. What the fuck, Cobain, good Cobain. effort...max impact

It is all good.

Danielle for the win.

slut nurse said...

I feel left out

too drunk to fuck said...

nice Chaplin

great curt Cobain

and the gal from almost famous, gretta killing em'.

benny in some work out gear

danni in bones

umm chenz looking dapper OG

i know you and buck were lennon and the great destroyer

anyway big ups on the curt ! i have a poster where he is wearing those exact white frames.

conceptually chames gets full points.

awesome post biz

Anonymous said...

it appears that Bowie has some residual red lipstick round his kisser, no?

now who coulda left that?

a hangover said...

I'm going as myself right now

Domestic Courtney Love said...

I'm shocked that Francis Bean made it through the entire evening! All thanks to Kurt!

carli mia said...

hot pie with charlie chaplin = delish


T. Shades said...

i'm pretty sure there was a plastic infant child that looked remarkably like francis bean lying on a trash can outside of the biz-biz HQ on November 1st. Tsk tsk.

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