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Monday, November 17, 2008

keep warm.

read about my adventures in spring fashion . . .


teen witch said...

such an informative post sarah.

and how cute are you and amy?

Anonymous said...

love this pic and then i caught the red nail polish and smiled.
miss you

kristen said...

great review sarah, love the vest!

Anonymous said...

fabulous review!!! so well written and covering all the big the fresh and detailed....especially the judy with embellishments (necklaces?...very cute)
great always

Russless said...

'Superheroes' ... as in the exhibit at the MET, and possibly the best combination of things I love ever.

And as in the coffee table book from the show, which I know you own, because I snoop enough to read the titles on your bookcase, but not crack the covers.

Great post.

Down with geese said...

Dearest Sarry Potter,

Those boots do not look warm.


Rise N Mercury

Matthew said...

I actually have those in Navy. Well, two pairs, I confess.

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