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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

this post is dedicated to all the bloggers out there who have made the perfect post... but when it came to saving it, you deleted it. became fed up, and now just post the pictures...

it was such a good post. aaaaaa it talked about how in sarahs past life she was a turntable and thats why she has the marantz miracle. but you kinda have to read it to understand.


I know because I've been there said...

Still, shout out to you for using words. A shout out with words. Via voiceless computerlink.

sarah marantz said...

oh bizzy, I love those turntable photos so much!

haven't seen the miracle in action in too long, maybe it only works when you're around?


teen witch said...

i'm jalouse. you and your mom just look so pretty.
i wish i could get my mama out here.

ps. lar, i had this horrible dream about you and i last night and phones.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous pics lar of you and your mama! can't wait to we get to be there with you and sar!!!!!!
can't wait!!!!!

liza101 said...

did you like the van gogh show? you have to see the montebello show at the Met. really good.

sarah said...

you mom by the imagine is just so cute

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