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Monday, June 23, 2008

Apple and tree, my mom, her mom, and me.


Anonymous said...

and Richard in the background

cute cute cute.

Brittany said...

i now see where your babelicious-ness comes from!


Benny said...

The Sunlight on your heads makes you look even more like angels.

Barb Fan Club West Coast Chapter said...

I think the reason Sarah post so many photos of her Mom (and talks about her Mom to everyone wherever on Earth she is) is because she wants the world to know that she will be even prettier when she is more mature.

Vaneska said...


Anonymous said...

i love this post...XOXO

Anonymous said...

Hi Honey,
I love all your posts and especially this one! Thank you for being so wonderful...and lucky to have THE BEST friends (and collegues) EVER.
I miss you every moment but smile alot knowing that you have surrounded yourself with kind,loving,bright,beautifully quirky and talented friends (forgot gorgeous)
ps tell "barb fan club west coast chapter" that the cheque is in the mail.

barb fan club west coast chapter said...

Any cheques from Barb will be framed not cashed.

a scrap book of sorts

We are two best friends: Sarah and Lara.

We have been collaging together since we were in kindergarten. From hilroy to apple, the medium has changed but the message remains the same.

We get by with a little help from our friends,
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vincent merany

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