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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This is a big post following a big night. 
The day of the dead theme birthday party was a complete success.


Benny said...

I love blogposts, Hot girls dancing on wet train tracks, rooftop patio's, Best friends, Days that celebrate death with life, Giant Rainstorms, Hero's getting their internships, Cakes that hold party themes together, Loosing keys and them finding them, Parties apres job interviews, New outfits, Old outfits, Bergie celebrating her birth, Favorite couples making late night surprise visits, Seeing mulitiple people in the birthday girls birthday outfit, Successful emergency wine runs and Friday the 13th for using it's powers for good over evil and letting all these things I love culminate into one very memorable night.

ilovebenny said...

that comment was as good as the post. nice!

Anonymous said...

random question:

where did the blonde get those two herve leger esque high waisted skirts (the yellow and the black ones)?... or are they herve leger and thus out of my price range


sarah (1/2 biz) said...


Aren't they adorable... I also took a cute from ms. Bergman and picked myself up a black one. They do look like the herve leger and also the proenza multi-colored skirt from a summer long past ('06?). The skirts are from Carte Blanche a very cool queen west you know it?


worry doll said...

good comment benny.

where are the girls dancing?

can't wait for two weeks from now.. 'cept for that it'll be a bittersweet one.

Anonymous said...

ah thanks biz/2! I don't as I havent been to toronto in years but this summer I will try to track it down.

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