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Monday, June 30, 2008

i say yard - you say sale

The day started off perfectly with Greg showing up in his one piece and gifting me with a Lanvin scarf!

Bergman was amazing, she went on so many food runs for us.
Angela was looking lovely in lavender and braiding everyones hair.
Dan is always good for a laugh.
It was still early in the morning and eventually the clothing was used as a nap mat.
We like dogs and we love Robin.
Ben decided to show up - a little late but with a good story of course. We were all so happy to see Jordy, it was a reunion of sorts.
Here are a few more yard sale photos, we were too busy wheelin' and dealin' with everyone to take too many good shots. Everyone was such good's all very salty/sweet, I mean bitter/sweet.


lara said...

biz i love that you added in there we like dogs, it reminds me of that time when you were telling people how your a dog person. tee hee

on the topic of dogs, benny remember when you kicked that dog by accident...or was it.

Benny said...

HAHAHAHAHA wow, I needed a laugh just now, I forgot all about that random act of violence! It was an accident but does not at all take away from the fact that I kicked a very small and defenseless dog to a possible early grave..... Oh the shame.

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