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Sunday, June 8, 2008

more on this later...


Anonymous said...

I hope you didn't let some weirdo who likes hot shoes too much take this photo .......

rod stewart said...

sarsy. hot legs...

iknowwhoyouareroddy! said...

legs are looking hot hot hot all around, hot like the weather...100 degrees.

danielle said...

no the weather will always be hotter. it's so bloody hot. i haven't stopped sweating. and last night i was up tossing and turning until 3 am building up more and more anxiety because i was aware that in five short hours i would be meeting sarsy for some coffee and muffins.

the real clincher is, that i was in an air conditioned apt. but still it was disgusting hot. toronto is going to implode.

sorry for the rant on the biz blog.

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