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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

things are better in the back yard

a biz-biz bbq
what are you looking at?


lara said...

home in the backyard
were the kids and the antelope play

too drunk to fuck said...

everybody looks healthy and happy

marshall mcluhan said...

healthy is the new smoking: cool.

Smoking BBQ said...

I wish I was there.

Dan said...

where was I?! i'm running out of time before my sweet-faced lara goes away!

Benny said...

Yes you are Dan, You have to come out!!! Healthy is the new smoking??? Awesome I want to print that on a T-shirt .... and start start wearing printed T-shirts again, mainly that one. Can we take a moment to reflect on 2 things, 1) Larry's killer outfit that was more than bbq worthy and 2) How hot Sharonious looks when pointing to her kiss lips??? Yowza

Benny said...

Upon closer inspection I realized I have a 3rd point attention needs to be paid to how happy Larry looks while shucking (is that the right word?) corn on the cob.

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