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Thursday, June 26, 2008

My friends are cooler then your friends.

Those of YOU who know ME, know i LOVE these TWO.
Gallery owners, late night party hosts, bike lovers, idea encouragers,curly hair experts, pink cane designers, and creative geniuses. These two make being in a long-term relationship look as good as a dance party in a tele-porter that stops off at your favorite decades. While peaking at Eye Weekly on route to the office this morning I noticed their most recent event listed in the publication. I was immediately filled with a rush of joy and excitment seeing 'STUDIO GALLERY' in black and white print - Very Cool! The event that caused me to take a sharp intake of breath and jump up and down and up and down again is this Fridays opening of Patrick O'Dell's photo exhibit called "To all my friends".

You in? I plan on attending, with "all my friends"!


Bennysjobruinseverything said...

I would be all over it like the jam to your peanut butter except I work at 7 bells. If you were planning on attending before that which I doubt then drop a brother a line and let me know. If not, give that adorable couple a love squeeze for me and pass on my hellos. Thanks for the heads up as I forgot about this.

dizzzzani said...

yup. benny's job does ruin everything.

benny's back bittersweetly makes up for it...i think?

good post sarah. and i'd be happy to join ya...maybe post "margueritas"?

Vaneska said...

I'm adding your blog to my press list.

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