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Monday, March 2, 2009



On the left you'll see the beautiful biz sporting a Helmut Lang leather jacket from last season and on the right you can see my favourite mamma wearing a Rick Owens original bought a few years ago. Both babes looks amazing but we all couldn't help but notice that the jackets look quite similar.

. . .and it keeps going on and on like that forever.


meghan said...

100% babes left and right. leather weather keeps 'em together.

Benjamin said...

Barb is the only mum I know who's fashion sense would coincide with one the world's greatest up and coming designer's. You both look amazing.

Genevieve said...

it really doesn't get any cuter than this! come home biz!

bizhater said...

the zippers are in different spots.

it took me one second to figure that out

plus I'm stoned

bizhater said...

lara's not even cute anymore and Sara's adopted

Anonymous said...

loved the pics and as always the biz is on spot. keep it coming

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vincent merany

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