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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

everyone get on the internet


Even tho Dan is in NY a lot, I still felt like I wasn't getting enough Levy in my life. Until now. Weekly DOOP newsletters are mending my missing. Clever little units delivered right to my inbox. We both agree that the slogan tee is a worthy subject. If you do two things today they should be: signing up and eating a mcflurry.



dani said...

i just signed up! yes doop.

sar- how happy were you about the 30 rock mcflurry episode. tina fey insisted it wasn't any endorsement thing. she just loves her some mcflurries. like you.

Anonymous said...

the guy behind you in the first picture kinda looks like it could be phil.

Benjamin said...

Dan, This doop logo could not be more perfect. Whomever came up with that (yourself included) deserves a high five. I am now signed up and ready for factoids.

i love said...

this doop idea
the biz

Dan said...

This is my favourite thing. I was so shocked and surprised when I logged into my daily biz blog and found cute pictures of us in new york.

Miss you guys and hope to see you soon!


earlyinthemorning said...

just got my first doop
loved it

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