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Thursday, March 19, 2009


During NY fashion week I saw both Carine Roitfeld and Anna Wintour in the span of two days, Roitfeld mingling with models at Cafe Pitti and Wintour brunching with daughter dearest as Pastis. At the time I didn't feel that it was worth mentioning but yesterday on my stroll home from the office on the corner of 23rd and 8th ave I had a celebrity sighting that is totally blog-worthy. Across the internsection from me was PETE HORNBERGER, Liz lemons co-worker and friend on 30rock. He was super cool, and I swear, in character. I told him i love the show and he told me he liked my glasses.

TGIT? Lost and 30 rock are the salty and sweet of television. See you tonight Pete!


danielle said...

omigod. i couldn't agree more with the salty sweet analogy.

and... i'm happy i was on the phone with you when pete went down. haha you were hilarious.

BBQ said...

His name is Scott Adsit and you should;ve told him that you have friends who are famous improvisers from Winnipeg and got his card and maybe showed a little leg.

Anonymous said...


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We are two best friends: Sarah and Lara.

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vincent merany

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