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Sunday, March 15, 2009

food for thought.

They really know how to eat here.
New York magazine and I agree that the best burger in the city is found at Resto.

Noteworthy matzo ball soup in the city, listed from best to still really good: Stage Deli, Carnegie Deli, Katz Deli


Pizzzzzzzzzzzzza from the corner of Houston and Thompson.


Nyc creme cheese is unbelievable and has a whole life beyond the bagel. it's hard to find a carrot cake that isn't well-dressed.


Not all McFlurries are created equal, and the Park Ave. McDonalds has some serious skills.

eat up.

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oldfriend said...

lovin' the new format ladies and love that you telling me where to eat. I'm all set for my visit to the island next month. miss you dearly.

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