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Monday, March 16, 2009

special spots.




I have lots of favourtie places in this city.
My newest happy place is the maison martin margiela store in the meatpacking; a west side apartment converted to a gallery like shop.
They don't allow photos but we snuck one in the (bathroom turned) changeroom.



benny said...

Your shit is so hip it hurts, You look great as does that bathtub bench. I now what to go buy and old tub.

Genevieve said...

Our blog posts are intersecting! i love it and your shirt! miss you girls xo!

bigfan said...

loving the new lay-out ladies
keeeep it up!!

Richard Bars said...

fancy new redesign
me likey

richard said...

oops my computer auto filled in my last name.??

benny said...

Upon rechecking i noticed that I said your SHIT is hip when I meant to say SHIRT.

My apologies for the profanity.
This is a family blog.

Vaneska said...

I want a spare bathroom just so I can put pillows in my bathtub too.

Anonymous said...

No in troubled times it is bad form, disproportionate, ill-fitted, ill-suited, ill-timed, improper, incorrect, indecorous, inept,out of line, out of place, tasteless, unbecoming, unfitting, unseasonable, unseemly, unsuitable, untimely, way off, wrong, to shop.

Anonymous said...

hahahah anonymous. you, unfortunately, don't really get basic economics huh?

first thing ANYONE says during a recession, is that those that can shop please shop... in order to STIMULATE that little thing know as an economy. with no shopping, there is no upward movement you see....? one of the BIG problems of a recession is the LACK of spending... haters, c'est jalouse?

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