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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

wake up & feel happy


Ferdinand said...

Nearly all institutions, it might be said, are based on signs, but these signs do not directly evoke things.

Anonymous said...


benny said...

this jam hold so many memories.
it even makes cleaning fun.

benny said...

this jam holds so many memories.
it even makes cleaning fun.

Ja$e's Assistant said...

My client invented Bizfamous and Bizinfamous having Magnetic Field's songs.

It was in Toronto, he gave them the two best pairs of sweatpants on earth at that time because they were wearing short skirts and freezing their butts off.

He wants no royalties. He wants chickarma*(c), which he's pretty sure is a real thing.

*(it's where a man's unsolicited acts of excellence for awesome females leads to extraordinary, strange, and gorgeous women you've only just met wanting a piece/the whole thing)

Bizhater said...

Whatever Ja$e, you're not fabulous.

You suck.

This blog sucks.

Sunday sucks.

Spring Sucks.

I'm blonde


(cancel summer)


sarah nicole said...

how could anyone hate someone who hearts the magnetic fields?

those 69 love songs are stellar.

many x's and o's.

Ja$e's Fashion Assistant said...

Fuck Yeah! Sarah Nicole knows what's up. Your blog is on fire in our offices this foggy morning. Referencing the fashions to French paintings was a dope idea!

Also, shout out to you reccomending new choices for the professional stylists.

You're not a fake journalist, you're the real deal.

I should know, I work for an award nominated journalist.

The Mickey Rooney Of Blogs said...

I think Bizhater is The Gossips Girls or maybe the ugliest one from Them Hills that lives in New York now.

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