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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

once in a lifetime

We made it to the show! And it was completely amazing.
I wish I could write well enough to tell you about it. Lets leave it at that.




Would you believe me if I told you George and Laura Bush were sitting in front of us?

After dancing in my new shoes the subway seemed ambitious.
(matching socks are a thing of the past)


got a offer for a piggy-back.
wasn't happening

we got home safe but not before singing hava nagela with this guy

and mingling with this guy.
" i can barley see because my heads in the way. "
this is really good music.

give it a listen


sugar&spice said...

seemed like an experience! and no. but is more shrimpy but that deffinately looks like laura!

dani said...

oh im so jealous. not only of (omigod!) david byrne, but also (omigod!) dancing with sarah to some good ol' busking.

cameron! he never gave us our bob dylan 'tangled up in blue' late night street dance!

benny said...

What the deuce is going on with those shoes?
I may need to buy the apartment a display case.
This night makes me miss you two cowboys, really excited for your return.

benny said...

i also LOVE the guy waving in the first picture.

heart_the_biz said...

shoes look amazing and the show looks like a blast! miss the biz. xo

bizhater said...

same as it ever was

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vincent merany

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